The Digging Dog Sheep Farm

Produces lambs and Fleece for Sale

The Digging Dog Farm is located in Culpeper County, Virginia. It is home to a small private lamb and sheep flock, with diverse genetics including:
Border Leicester
Blue Faced Leicester and
Associated Crosses

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Our Digging Dog Worthy raw and washed fleece products include White and the beloved Natural fleeces from our diverse flock. Due to our flock diversity, we have fine, medium, and long wool classifications with an unwashed adult fleece weighing from 2-6 pounds and a staple length from 3-8 inches.

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The flock is humanely raised and nurtured in a carefully sustainable environment. We are in our 8th year of certification with Humane Farm Animal Care of Virginia. This organization of dedicated professionals verifies that our farm practices, animals, and wool meet the highest possible standards in a humane production environment.

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IMG_20151006_145216445_HDR.jpgA barn provides shelter during inclement weather and lambing